Pilates and Sex

December 21, 2005


Nothing is more crucial to making sweet love than a solid core. It's the midsection muscle that puts the motion in your ocean. And while nobody's knocking the usual array of crunches, leg lifts, trunk twists and spinal extensions, nothing will prepare your torso to tango like Pilates.

"The truth is, Pilates is not only great for strengthening your core, it's also great for improving your flexibility," says Mari Windsor, author of Pilates Powerhouse. "And flexibility is also important for sexual performance. After all, you don't want to stop the flow of sex because your muscles are cramping or you're not flexible enough to get into a certain position."

Granted, there are dozens of Pilates exercises, but Windsor suggests the beginning sexerciser do the following: While lying on your back with your arms straight by your sides, use your abdominals to slowly stretch your legs up, continuing until your toes reach the floor behind your head (or as near to the floor as your creaky spine allows). Then slowly lower your legs back down, while exhaling, until they reach a 45-degree angle to the mat. Repeat, remembering to "peel" your spine from the mat and not "throw" your legs over your head. A few weeks of this and you'll be able to assume any position her naughty little heart desires.

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